• We specialize in custom trips...
    Just you and the dolphins...
    swimming eye to eye, heart to heart...
  • With love, joy & mutual respect...
    We respect the dolphins as wild & free
  • Away from the crowds...
    Your own intimate encounter!
  • "My heart was overflowing with joy!"

    - Susan Day, New Mexico

    "We had a whole pod of dolphins to ourselves!"

    - Michael Rose, Connecticut

  • In our small group trips,
    it'll be a meeting

    you'll remember...

    ... the rest of your life!
  • Custom trips kayaking with whales in Hawaii
    from December to March
  • Our custom trips
    give you the best encounters possible
  • "I found that my purpose in life is joy!"

    - Lauren Jubilerer

    "I came home totally

    filled with love"

    - Daniel Doucette

  • Our trips are for all nature lovers...
    You're always in fun company with us!
  • On our Maui whale kayak trips
    and invite the whales to come to us...
    we send our love into the sea...
  • "A heart-opening, life-changing encounter for the three of us!"

    - Jill Fischer, Canada

    "The fulfillment of a lifelong dream"

    Linn Manstrom, Sweden

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  • "I don't know if our family
    has ever been happier"
    Kimberlee Gallagher, WA
  • "Our third trip with Joe in three years;
    each trip better than the last!"
    Nicole Salzmann, Switzerland
  • "Our journey with Joe was spiritually uplifting,
    emotionally compelling and physically exciting"
    Tamar Miller, Cambridge, MA

Hawaii Wild Dolphin Camping Retreat, January 2015

Five days of life on the beach, swimming with wild dolphins, kayaking with humpback whales, snorkeling with sea turtles, exploring beautiful beaches and more…

  • Escape the cold!
  • Swim with wild dolphins
  • Kayak with Whales
  • Live off the grid for a few days
  • Get back to your senses (where life makes sense)
  • Get Rejuvenated
  • Immerse yourself in the joy of adventure and community!


“My Hawaii trip with Joebaby was phenomenal. Swimming with the Dolphins was such a deeper experience then I ever expected. I was also reunited with members of my Soul Family who are dear friends to this day” Gabriella Lizotte, mother of 3, Lacrosse Coach

Hawaii Trip Purpose: The purpose of this trip is to connect deeply and become one with the spiritual energies of Hawaii, to swim with wild dolphins and celebrate our love of life. It’s to live simply, moving with the rhythms of the wind, weather and tides, immersing ourselves in the essence of nature on the beautiful Big Island of Hawaii.

Spinner Dolphins – Shamans of the Seas: The playful Spinner Dolphins that live in the coastal waters of Hawaii are absolutely amazing. It is a joy to be in their presence. Swimming with them is an ecstatic experience, and you will come away with a wonderful sense of connection with them and the ocean.

Honu, the Hawaiian Sea Turtle: We also meet the turtles; its a joy to watch them move through the water, they emanate their own quiet grace. We treat the turtles with the same love and respect we treat the dolphins and everyone and everything we meet; with great love and appreciation and respect for their space and boundaries.

Off the Electromagnetic Grid: Give your body and spirit a break! Unplug from the busy electromagnetic grid and plug into Nature’s grace and vitality. Does living simply in the ease and beauty of nature call to you? How about laying on a sandy beach, under a starry sky, to the sound of the gentle surf? Our divinely joyful essence spontaneously comes alive in this setting, away from the routines of our everyday life. Through our circles, ceremonies and sharing we anchor these vitalizing energies into our bodies and our lives.

Our campsite from the water

Joyful Nature Tribe: We live as a tribe sharing in the daily activities of a community; setting up camp, making meals, shooting the breeze, hanging out. We’ll take hikes, swims and walks. There is personal time, quiet time, and time to sit around the picnic table and share the adventures of each day, including our evening appreciation circles that acknowledge and celebrate your unique gifts.

Leaning In! Part of the joy of these trips is everyone pitching in to make things flow. Everybody helping with everything makes everything much more fun. This is not a trip to join if you wish to be catered to and served! Here we share the joy of leaning in together, its a big part of the magic of the community.

Trip Itinerary: We meet at the Kona airport at 3 pm on the first day of our trip, or i can pick you up in Kailua-Kona. We make a stop for those who need to rent snorkel gear (approx $30 for the week) and then we head to the beach and our base camp for the next five nights. From our base camp, each morning we explore and swim in the coastal bays where the spinner dolphins frequent.

Over the past 18 years, we have absolutely incredible dolphin encounters in these bays, swimming with them for hours at a time, often with many life-changing encounters. We’ll spend our week getting to know the dolphins, sea turtles and more, swimming, snorkeling, hiking, feeling new levels of joy and exuberance as we become immersed in the magic of this place.

Kilauea Volcano & Goddess Pele: One day of the trip we may drive south to the Kilauea Volcano where we pay homage to the Goddess Pele, exploring the black lava, smoking earth, caldera and lava tubes. The energy of fire and creation is very strong here, it’s a wonderful place to plant new seeds and intentions for growth and transformation. We will share a simple ceremony here to give thanks for and celebrate the many new blessings and creations that are coming into our lives and our world!

City of Refuge & Ho’oponopono: We will visit the City of Refuge, an ancient place of forgiveness sacred to the Hawaiians. Here we will use the simple grace of the Hawaiian practice of Ho’oponopono, using it to bring forgiveness and healing to our lives and our world. Ho’oponopono is a powerful healing process that is easily learned and can be use at any time, anywhere. (For an intro video on Ho’oponopono, click here.)

Questions? If you are seriously interested in joining us on this trip and still have questions, please feel free to call me. I am happy to speak with you and welcome the opportunity to answer your questions.

Cost: The cost for this trip is $1111 per person. This includes all group transportation, park fees, campsite fees, all scheduled activities and most meals. Not included is your airfare to Hawaii, tent, sleeping bag, snorkel gear and a couple of meals we eat out on the town. (Tent, sleeping bag and snorkel gear can be rented for approx $65).

Group size is limited to 8, your $500 non-refundable deposit reserves your space. Please use the PayPal button below to make your deposit, or email me for other arrangements.

“The whole trip was fantastic! Thank you again for the most stupendous adventure from the bottom of my heart”  – Brandee Tolleson, Homeschooling Mom of 3, California

We send this invitation to you who have a deep love and respect for Nature. This is a simple, powerful, life-changing retreat, and if its purpose speaks to you, please join us.

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