• We specialize in custom trips...
    Just you and the dolphins...
    swimming eye to eye, heart to heart...
  • With love, joy & mutual respect...
    We respect the dolphins as wild & free
  • Away from the crowds...
    Your own intimate encounter!
  • "My heart was overflowing with joy!"

    - Susan Day, New Mexico

    "We had a whole pod of dolphins to ourselves!"

    - Michael Rose, Connecticut

  • In our small group trips,
    it'll be a meeting

    you'll remember...

    ... the rest of your life!
  • Custom trips kayaking with whales in Hawaii
    from December to March
  • Our custom trips
    give you the best encounters possible
  • "I found that my purpose in life is joy!"

    - Lauren Jubilerer

    "I came home totally

    filled with love"

    - Daniel Doucette

  • Our trips are for all nature lovers...
    You're always in fun company with us!
  • On our Maui whale kayak trips
    and invite the whales to come to us...
    we send our love into the sea...
  • "A heart-opening, life-changing encounter for the three of us!"

    - Jill Fischer, Canada

    "The fulfillment of a lifelong dream"

    Linn Manstrom, Sweden

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  • "I don't know if our family
    has ever been happier"
    Kimberlee Gallagher, WA
  • "Our third trip with Joe in three years;
    each trip better than the last!"
    Nicole Salzmann, Switzerland
  • "Our journey with Joe was spiritually uplifting,
    emotionally compelling and physically exciting"
    Tamar Miller, Cambridge, MA

‘Swimming in Joy’ Wild Dolphin Trip; May 11 – 15, 2012





Join us this May 11th - 15th and get a powerful dose of dolphin sonar!




Join us as we activate, elevate and embody greater levels of joy and exuberance within us!

The dolphins are amazing mirrors and activators of our own divine playfulness. With the help of the joyful dolphins, the vibrant ocean, the tropical beauty and our group of kindred spirits, we’ll raise the bar in our individual and collective exuberance.

Yes they've just swum with the dolphins!

Trip Highlights include:

– Waterfront Living

– Our own Private Beach

– Daily Kundalini Yoga

– Swimming with the Wild Dolphins!

– Dancing & Playing with your pod of Kindred Spirits!

Join us as we swim with the friendliest dolphins in the world!

2012 is an incredible opportunity for us to resonate the frequency of JOY and BLISS as we move ever deeper into Humanity’s collective awakening.

We live in a most monumental time, now more than ever we are called to Awaken to our full Divinity! Through a combination of group appreciation circles, kundalini yoga and joyful adventure, we will open our hearts to the Ocean of Joy that exists within and around us.

Eric, Amanda, Beth and I getting ready to swim with the dolphins!

We will be in the beautiful warm Bahamian waters each day, swimming and snorkeling in the grace and beauty of the ocean… we’ll also be on multiple boat trips to swim with the Wild Dolphins. These dolphins are powerful guides in our awakening, their energy activates the vibration of Joy & Bliss within us!

Families with children and non-swimmers welcome! Our trips are appropriate for people of all ages. We help non-swimmers get completely comfortable in the water with plenty of life jackets. (Most of our non-swimmers become swimmers by the end of the trip!).


Join us on the beachfront deck - right on the water!

Our main cottage is on a beautiful pristine beach (see above) and our second waterfront cottage is across the street on the canal. We live and play as a community of dolphin lovers, (aka Dolphin Whisperers), making our meals and celebrating life together.  This is an experiential retreat for you to simply and easily deepen your awakening into your authentic Self.

Fresh coconuts from the palm trees on the beach!

Trip Benefits Include:

– More Joy & Passion for Life

– Stronger bond with your Inner Divine

– Anchoring totally new frequency of Joy & Bliss!

– Ecstatic Connection with the Dolphins!

– Powerful Daily Practices to bring Home!

Amanda meets the pod face to face...

The cost for this 5 day trip is $1797. Space is currently limited to 12 participants.

Early bird registration: Make your deposit by February 18th and get a $300 discount; trip price with early discount is $1497

Your $500 deposit (click button below) is fully refundable for up to 5 days from date of deposit. This deposit reserves your space on the trip. All lodging, most meals, all boat trips included. Snorkel gear and airfare not included.

Sue gets her dose of dolphin darshan!

“The whole trip was fantastic! Thank you again for the most stupendous adventure from the bottom of my heart.” Brandee Tolleson, California

Imagine yourself in the water with us, surrounded by joyful dolphins...

Joe Noonan is an Author, Shaman, Oneness Trainer and Spiritual Guide. Joe speaks internationally on the relationship of Humanity, Nature & Awakening, and has been a guest on Fox TV, National Geographic & Oprah. Called the ‘Dolphin Whisperer’, he’s been leading Wild Dolphin trips to Bimini and Hawaii for the past 16 years.

For more info email joe@planetarypartners.com or call 954-242-5830.

Getting a dolphin tune-up!

Space is limited, your $500 deposit reserves your place.

“I’ve been forever changed from my swim with the Dolphins. The honor of swimming with these creatures is a blessing I’ll never forget.” Bruce, Colorado

Swimming eye to eye, heart to heart...

Sending our Love & Thanks into the Ocean...

Five days in joyful community on a tropical island immersed in Beauty, Joy & Bliss; what a way to celebrate 2012!

“Who could ever imagine the new world that would open up from a single trip?” Patrick, CT

Through our relationships with each other, the dolphins and the ocean, we joyfully deepen our bond with all life. If you are passionate about living in the fulness of your joy and divinity, join us this May 2012!

Beth and Spiral meeting for the first time...

“What a wonderful group. I came away with a deep joy and appreciation of my humanness.” Toby, NH

“The whole trip was a joy – I’m able to access an easy playful energy that truly delights me” Lauren Jubilierer, N. Carolina

Eric gets a close up photo...

(Space is limited; your $500 deposit is fully refundable for up to five days from the date of deposit, and reserves your space!)

“When I start to get wound up, I just remember one of the beautiful moments from the trip and melt into joy” Lisa, MA

Join us for an experience you’ll remember for the rest of your life!